Cardinals in the rain

I love animals and nature. So when it comes to clothes when I see something with a print on it (age appropriate of course) :) I always want to get it. :3 Same happened with this beautiful dress, I fell for it instantly. However it was too pricey... But the next time I was in the store they were all sold out... :P 
So some time after I come back in when a sale was advertised, and browsing through the racks I found it!!!! In my size!!! I was so happy, I guess I was meant to have it! :) Scarlet  red Cardinals are so beautiful!! <3
So I think it was my last change to wear a pretty summer dress like that for a special night out, because soon it will definitely be too cold. And it already is chilly in the evenings.. So I wore it with my leather jacket, which also gave this outfit a bit more toughness. ;) And bright red belt to accentuate the waist. Matching cream heels and  a Lucite clutch (I'm obsessed with it) and you got the perfect night out look.
Also I have to say without a jacket I felt quite retro, circa '50! :) Not intentionally but I loved it. I also hope it was a bit of a Kate's look. ;)


            Dress: Herion (Century 21)
        Belt: Raoul (Century 21)
            Jacket: Moda International(Victoria's Secret)
            Pumps: Pour La Victoire
            Lucite clutch: Street level (Daily Look)
            Red clutch: Bonita (C21)
                  Bracelet: Kate Spade (gifted)   

<3 !

Get this look for $54+ on Lookastic: White and Red Print Skater Dress, Beige Leather Pumps, Clear Clutch, Red Leather Belt


  1. That's a lovely dress! I like how you wore it with a leather jacket too. I'm glad you found the dress on sale in your size!

    Whenever I wait for something to go on sale, it usually sells out in my size before it even goes on sale. Sometimes, I'l keep going back to the store to see if it's still there. And I tell myself that if it is still there, I'll buy it because it's meant to be.


    1. Thank you so much Lana! :) Yes, I have made that mistake many times, waiting for stuff..:PI like thinking that it is meant to be, makes it that much more special! ;)

  2. Such a cute dress!
    Laura. xx


  3. love your dress

    Would you like to follow each other ?

    1. Thank you Paulina! :)
      Sure!! What other websites are you on?


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