Plaid grey

In the colder months I like to keep warm, I definitely don't handle cold well. :P Maybe that's why I was born on the coast of Black Sea. ;)  (Or maybe I'm just cold blooded hehe ;D) 
But when it is freezing you don't have to sacrifice warmth for style or vice versa,- It's not hard to have it all. I wanted something definitely comfortable (lots of walking) and very warm (so windy!). So I started with skinny jeans (you know that style is all I wear.) next comes this super warm and cozy and roomy sweater (borrowed from my boyfriend ;)) + comfy ankle booties and great warm wool coat. I love those rustic button details, and how it gives the outfit a bit more of fall color. Also when it is even more chilly I do wear thin underpants or leggings underneath jeans, and long sleeve undershirt, which keeps you body warmth in well. And if your shoes are not insulated and wool socks just won't fit, two pairs of regular thinner cotton socks work well and provide extra insulation. Don't forget ear muffs (sometimes I don't want a hat to electrify my hair (yes that happens a lot! :D)) to keep your ears from wind. Sometimes when I feel casual instead of lip gloss I put on Nivea Cherry, it gives lips nice reddish tint, which transforms the whole face. And the best part, it reminds me of my grandma's cherry preserves! ;)))

   Sweater: Replay (Men's) (C21)
   Jeans: American Eagle
   Booties: White Mountain (DSW)
   (See how I wore them before)
   Coat: Rugby (Another nice one that could work )
   Bag: Milly (Century 21)



  1. I love this look! The jacket and the bag go beautifully together <3



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