Houndtooth Plaid

Hello, I'm finally back! I think taking things slow sometimes is good! It makes you relaxed and in turn you do things better! I'm also doing more reading now! And need to get some thoughts out on paper! :)
Personally I really love this outfit. It's like epitome of my casual chic! This day was so cold! But I felt a bit inspired, so I decided to mix prints! This lovely blazer that I had now for a while, reminds me of my Grandpa! It has small houndtooth print and the coat is plaid. So one print is very small the other one much larger, the colors are very similar and that's what makes it work!
Because it was so cold, I'm wearing a sweater under the blazer, and also double socks inside the boots! (one of them thick knit) And fleece lined leggings under jeans. You can see later I also put on a hat and scarf because temperature was even lower by the river.
I'm wearing this gloves again (gift from my love) I instantly fell in love with them! They remind me of arm bracers that an archer or a swordsman would wear. Also new hairstyle- this time in a bun!
What do you think? Do you like my combination? Would you wear a hat like that? :)
Coat: Rugby
Blazer: No name (C21)
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Lauren (Zappos)
Bag: Milly (C21)
Gloves: Portolano (C21)
Scarf: RL men
Sweater (Underneath) Sheinside
(See how I wore it before)
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
(I wore them in my previous post)
Hat: Pologeorgis (C21) (Similar)





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