The Grey

Absentee's showing up again! :D Don't know somehow blogging is coming slow these days.. :P
My thoughts are all over the place! ;) But here is me trying another trend - monochrome! I usually don't wear a lot of the same color. Mainly because I don't have a lot of matching things.. :) But this worked out perfectly! My sweater is one shade (also has some silver in it! Which makes it a bit more fun too!) , the pants are another (they also have subtle scroll print that I love!) And my jacket has couple of different shades of the color and also texture. I added black scarf and booties. I think if I would have worn grey booties and scarf that would make it a bit too matchy.. But I might try it in the future! :) I added some color to the outfit with the green bag and brighter lip!
The day was so pretty and sunny but very cold as well!
 Let me know your thoughts and if you like it!! :)



Thank you so much for reading! I value all your opinions and suggestions! :)