Casually Striped

This was a casual errands look. I always have to bring a big bag with, since I always need a bunch of random things, including the camera too, it has to fit! :D I love how bright this one is and did I tell you I am obsessed with green. ;)
I have to say I was against so called 'fashion sneakers' until I saw these. That neon striped got me sold. I still love them and, considering the height they are fairly comfortable. ;)
As for jeans they are too long for my legs, so the cuff is done by me. The fit is slightly loose as well, which I think is considered a boyfriend jean. They are very comfortable too.
This stripey sweater is actually a men sized xs authentic sailor telnyashka. I rolled the sleeves and wore a simple tee underneath. Weather is getting chilly.
Pullover: Russian telnyashka (Russian-shawl)
Bag: Christopher Kon (Century 21)
Jeans: Blue Blood (Century 21)
Sneakers: Boutique 9 (Century 21)
Watch: Mikhael Kors
Bracelet: Roman Torc Replica
I think I am best at motion/improvisation shots. I suck at modelesque faces and poses. But then again some of those come off as fake.
Here is a 'mad' face for you again.
This is the 'funny' photo of this shoot. I have to admit I actually really like it.
Get this look for $115+ on Lookastic: Navy and White Horizontal Striped Crew-neck Sweater, Navy Boyfriend Jeans, Green Leather Crossbody Bag, and Grey Leather Wedge Sneakers


  1. Love this mix of chic & casual, my dear! And your sneakers are really cool :-) ... - Ganz liebe Grüße aus Wien,



    1. Thank you so much Katja! :**

  2. The green bag looks great with these neutral colors! I have a green bag in a shade close to this and it is so easy to combine it with outfits (surprisingly). That shop the look feature is cool btw.!! ��

    1. Thank you dear! :* yes I love green, it's so versatile! :3 Thta shop the look is through Lookastic.com ;) have to register. They r also connected to those sites where u get cents for clicks. :) they come up with all the products! ;) Pretty cool!


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