Fall Blues

This shot was my favorite. Also my hair looks so light here it is almost blond :O As my friend put it, they are schizophrenic. :D Change color all the time!
This was a shopping outfit on a relatively warm fall day. I really like blues, especially the darker tones, so I have mixed it all up. I also added a knit vest, which has this really cool fastening straps,  for additional warmth. I will also be trying to not revert to jeans when it gets colder and keep on wearing warmer skirts like this one. No jacket needed, just a bit of creative layering. The sweater underneath is men's btw. :) I was warm and really comfortable.
Let me know what you think? :)
I think the light falling on to of my head makes my hair looks almost grey here :O
Sweater: Replay (Men's)
Vest: Nikolas K. (Century 21)
Skirt: Delia's (See how I wore it before here)
Booties: White Mountain
Tights: Hue
Bag: Milly (Century 21)
Watch: MK
Bracelet: Roman torc replica
Rings: Vintage
I like the reflections behind me in the black glass.
The Freedom Tower and the memorial in progress
Another one I loved. I am actually wearing blue eye-liner, but its not very visible.
This one is a "odd/funny" of this shoot. My body looks great but but eyes are something like: I don't trust you, I am watching you. :D
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