Black Blood

Finally sharing what I wore for Halloween. If you don't know yet I am very into Middle Earth inspired things. Find out why and how here.
In my country this tradition started to root firmly but when I was growing up we used to dress up for New Year's Eve. ;)
This outfit was inspired by my own character and of course Orcs. Black blood flows in their veins. Here I am half Orc or half-blood. Lots of these pieces I already had in my closet, and I am also planning to reuse all of them again. Comment your thoughts! Who did you dress up as?

Ears: PygmallionFX -Etsy
Ear cuffs: thegreenwolf777 -Ebay
Corset: Hot Corsets from Britshopper-Amazon
Arm bracers: ArmorVenue -Amazon
Skirt: Victoria's Secret
Vest: Vianett
Top under corset: Victoria's Secret
Booties: Sam Edelman
Weapon: (A very cool letter opener ;) ) denix_usa -Ebay



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