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I actually like when I look serious. No fake smiles here.

I love my Middle Earth map leggings. And the final 'The Hobbit' film coming up I thought I'd style it. I love how it turned out. Fun casual outfit I'd wear anywhere. ;)
I also cant wait for the movie. I am going to see it on Tuesday... So nervous but excited to see my favorite character! (Do you know who that is?)

These leggings are great

I love this filter.

Coat: Kai-Aakman (Century 21)
Leggings: From Amazon
Booties: Ash (C 21)
Sweater: Allude (C 21)
Backpack: Urban Expressions (C 21)
Rings: Vintage
Ear cuffs: Ebay

The sweater has pockets! Olive is also one of my favorites for clothes.

I am obsessed with these booties. The buckles are badass! Also quite comfortable.

The filter makes the print stand out in a cool way

Functioning pockets!


Get this look for $47+ on Lookastic: Navy Coat, Grey Print Leggings, Black Suede Boots, and Olive Sweater Dress


  1. Oh my gosh, I am in love with the Middle Earth map leggings! They look really good with the outfit, it's quite classy!

    1. Thank you my dear! :3 I was quite happy with it as well! Now I want to wear them all the time! :D *psst* it's only ~ $12 on Amazon!


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