Forest Green


Hey Everyone! Wow I have been away for long... And... Mmmm... Can't promise I'll be too regular... :3 BUT I will do my best! Winter has her effect on me and some other factors... :P
But here I present to you my "It's freaking freezing outside" outfit.
We all know the key to it is the nicely insulated jacket. I finally found the perfect one and in one of my favorite colors.
I also do not go outside without warm leggings underneath my jeans and double socks. I honestly don't get people wearing heels or flats... (Yes I've seen those a lot!) And with open-toes! Unless you are running from a building to building or... errmmm don't mind frozen flesh brrrr...
 Anyways that's what I wear a lot these days when temperatures are so close to minus and do not give you room for any skimpy dressing. Share your thoughts! ;3
Jacket: Penfield
Scarf: Rugby (Ralph Lauren)
Jeans: AE
Boots:Lauren (Ralph Lauren)
Backpack: Urban Expressions
Sweater: Hartford (Men's)
Lipstick: L'Oreal in 'Refined Rose'
And for the blooper of the shoot:
Yes I'm mad! It Feels like 5F+ gusty winds!!! ;D
Get this look for $50+ on Lookastic: Dark Green Parka, Navy Skinny Jeans, and Dark Brown Snow Boots

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