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I already have two posts named 'Das Auto' and 'Vorsprung durch Technik' so American Audi slogan it is. ;) Guess that is a giveaway what my favorite make is.
Car making is closely related to fashion and style, patterns, structure, texture... Every year the automakers do their best to come up with new and best, same way clothes designers do. I always like coming to this show. Besides ogling at the best and latest vehicles you can get much inspiration from all the colors and shapes.
This year we've seen many new shades on autos that haven't been used as actively last year. Bright cherry red, deep yellow, dark emerald green and aquamarine blue are to name a few. It wasn't humanely possible for me to take a photo of every vehicle and the request I got on Instagram was for Audi, and you bet you will already see a lot of those here.
Audi display was at the same spot as the last year but this time they outlined the area with cool fiberglass structure that resembled Audi's inside door design. I thought that pretty cool. I wished however there would have been more space between the cars and brighter lighting given to Audi, alike BMW had. What I also always enjoy about Ingolstadt born vehicle display, they always let you feel out almost all the models. But that I mean sit inside and explore. BMW took cue this year as well opening some of their cars.
One thing I'd have loved to have seen would be Audi prologue/A9 concept. Unfortunately this show didn't have it.
I was also very pleasantly surprised by Volvo interior design, very functional and elegant. And VW. Audi's cousin, were very cute and in my opinion very European in interior style.

Scroll down for more photos, opinions and descriptions.

Me in Audi A8 L
Funny thing, I have actually learned to drive on Audi A80 '93. The Offspring of said model came a long way morphing into a luxury beast. That not to say that I still wouldn't mind driving that long, red mechanical transmission car. I have gained some serious arm muscle while doing numerous k-turns. XD
Here is the same A8 from the front
R8 is sporting side fins, I dabbed them 'gills' match the carbon fiber material of the tail fin
R8 tail and back lights
The New Q7 was majorly redesigned inside and out. No more plastic parts on the undercarriage and look at those wide dual mufflers
TT Quattro
Isn't she cute? New wink too!
Bright red Audi TTS
Funny how we caught the same image on the screen as the car I'm posing with
It was very hard saying goodbye to her :'(
Audi offers nail polishes!!! Mine happened to match one of the shades! Ughh I need them!!!
More cool Audi gear, a watch, scarf, mug and clutch! They also have phone covers, speakers, gloves, hats etc <3
Audi A3 E-tron
The charger hub is cleverly concealed behind the four-ring sliding logo
Audi's newest addition Q3. The smallest truck. I loved it, new wink, very cute and the color is great
With BMW B6 Alpina. A beautiful car
I wore:
Timo Weiland Blouse
RoseAnna blazer
AE jeans
Sam Edelman booties
Oryany crossbody
Wet n Wild lipstick in 'Cherry Bomb'
Here is Alpina from the front
In Volvo. See what I meant about the interior?
My new award ehehe ;3
But this one is actually Volkswagen's
Here is pretty cool VW Cross Coupe GTE Concept. Love the color and the look is so modern
Very cute and sporty Alfa Romeo
Aston Martin had very cool curved doors and stitched seats were to drool for. Unfortunately that's the closest you could get to it XD
I couldn't possibly post all photos I took, there were over 200. :O
But let me know if there were any cars you'd love to see. I have some Mercedes too. ;)
What is your favorite make and/or model?
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