Pleated, flowing and black that's about a perfect description for the piece of clothing. And so it is for this dress, except this is not a dress it is a maxi skirt. See how easy it is to make it into a gorgeous dress and re-use a beautiful garment a different way. (See how I wore it as a skirt Black Blood and Pleated Jacquard )
I like matching and picking up colors as the belt does with the detail in the sandals and my nails. Since my chest was bare I've worn this lovely green necklace. I love how it transform the look from day to night instantly. And just look at that tiny wallet in the see-through clutch, it's so cute! :3
Dress (A skirt): Victoria's Secret
Sandals: Pour la Victoire
Belt: Raoul (Century 21)
Necklace: From Century 21
Clutch: DailyLook.com
Wallet (Inside): Etsy (Search for 'coin purse' or embroidered coin purse' to see lovely similar)
I love to do this this filter. Makes me look even more pale.
*A little note
Some of my posts may seem out of order, that's because I will be updating some of my older ones little by little.
Get this look for $183+ on Lookastic: Black Pleated Maxi Skirt, Red and Black Leather Heeled Sandals, Clear Clutch, Red Leather Belt

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