Sunset Reflection

Hello loves!
A new post from me, this must be a miracle!!! Honestly I've been swamped with work and on top of that feeling so incredibly sick... It's a miracle I even post something :D
This was one day I felt a little bit better and went to make myself feel even better with a bit of shopping. New undergarments were in order! You won't believe if I tell you for half my life I wore a wrong bra size! Silly me was going for a smaller one and always though why am I so uncomfortable and itchy lol. So glad two years ago something made me try a cup up and its been perfect. I went to Century this time again and got some CK neutral colors for half price the original msrp. ;)
These jeans and blouse are mine thanks to mom and sis! Both are Bershka and super comfortable and those cute little flowers! ;3
Recently I also needed new Fall shoes and was so excited to find these Blackmail booties at MyHabit. The heel is a perfect height and they are super comfortable. I cant get over how much I like them! And the lining has pretty blue flowers!
Hope you all having  a good week! Weekend is almost upon us! :D
Sunset light is so pretty! We were just in time to take a few snaps before the dusk descended.
Since this top is so feminine adding the booties toughened up the look, just how I like it! ;)
Top and Jeans: Bershka
Booties: Blackmail (MyHabit)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (Century 21 Stores)
Coat: Kai-Aakman
Choker: Brass/Suede/Stained Glass  Old
Gosh I think I look so sick arghh :P
And the shoot between the shots! :3
Get this look for $94+ on Lookastic: Navy Coat, Navy Floral Button Down Blouse, Black Ripped Skinny Jeans, Black Mid-Calf Boots

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