Feels good to finally post again! So many things had prevented me from doing it...
Things in life, emotional state or just plain old lack of time.
I still very much want to continue sharing my photos, it is one of the ways of expressing myself
I don't feel completed without doing it in many ways... Drawing, writing...
Here also hoping you do like whatever I come up with.:)

I love Autumn, the leaves changing colors, the mild temperatures... Even though winter is so close I'm a bit scared. :D You see I'm quite cold blooded and don't handle the cold well. But that does not deter me from wearing distressed jeans. The day we took photos was quite warm but I have made it  a habit to wear tights underneath, makes a difference and could also add a fun touch.

I also wanted to take an opportunity to talk a bit about what I call 'Follower Fishing" on Instagram. I will most likely make a more extensive video about it very soon too.
You see Instagram is one of my most favorite social platforms. I have started it without ever thinking on doing anything out of the ordinary, ehhem like cheating but I was really astonished how many people actually do that! There are even different types, which I will discuss in the video. If you are not familiar what I call 'fishing' is following you and then unfollowing few days later. They will unfollow no matter if you follow back or not, this all just to gain for themselves. Brands do that, bloggers do that... At times when I feel really irked I confront people, honestly just to see what they say  back (most of the time they ignore you) but what one blogger said 'So you know the game!' when I made s smart ass remark. Needles to say I did reply how wrong I think it was to do.
A game... Makes me not only roll my eyes... Imagine putting hard work in what you do and someone trying to fool you by playing this game...
I've had so many  I have gotten quite good at identifying the accounts who are likely to unfollow.

-They usually have way more follows than followers
-They follow you out the blue and do not like any of the photos
-They have a lot of followers and you can't help but wonder why the heck they  did follow you :D
-They comment something totally off subject on one of your photos.

You Can save yourself a headache too by downloading the Follower tracker app. It's free. Most of the time I don't care but hate giving those people the upper hand. As I always try to do thing the honest way.

This also no to mention users that buy followers and people that even go though trouble of in-liking your photos.. But more in the video soon.

Meanwhile hope you like the photos! Don't hesitate to comment! xx

PS Sorry if this post appears to have weird spacing... Cannot figure out what's going on with the site...

When your hair matches the leaves...

I am wearing:
Sweater: Dstrezzed Amsterdam (Men's)
Jeans: Blank NYC from Asos
Boots: Sam Edelamann
Backpack: kARTu 
Sunnies: Asos
Cuff: (A choker) @Huskleather
Rings: @elemental_luxury and @rogueandwolfAA 

Love this backpack, was very excited to finally wear it. Amazing quality thick leather handmade
by order in my beloved Lithuania. it is unique and practical, can be worn as a purse or a backpack.
Definitely check out their account on Instagram @kartu_studio

Women's Olive Oversized Sweater, Black Ripped Jeans, Black Leather Knee High Boots, Black Leather Backpack on Lookastic: Olive Oversized Sweater, Black Ripped Jeans, Black Leather Knee High Boots, Black Leather Backpack

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