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Sweater (similar), Jeans (similar), boots (same), fishnet underneath: ASOS
Sunnglasses: Marshalls

It was so cold that day... No really beyond freezing and especially for March and also incredibly windy! You cannot see it in photos but my nose turned red and after just four minutes my hands started hurting! But honestly nothing would stop me from wearing what I had in mind for more than two weeks (Reasonably it isn't a summer dress!) Also I was kind of getting cabin fever and sub-zero or not needed to get outside. After taking a few shots I literally buried myself into my giant scarf and that coat you see pictured, also gloves and thank goodness for auto seat heaters! It took me a while to come back to life!
And yesterday  a blizzard visited the North East and the temperature aren't better today. I'm rolling my eyes at all this, the mind cannot go back and screams IT'S MARCH NATUREEEEE!!!

On the other note I love these jeans with these boots, can't stop wearing them ever since I got them!

Speaking of JEANS, I wanted to talk about the fit and finding the right one. I think I would call my figure average or standard(?) I have some hips, smaller waist, average size bottom haha. But for years I had problems finding jeans that fit... Don't ask me how and why I was so clueless. Every time I'd go on 'Jean Searching' Expeditions, trying so many different ones on with not much luck. Sometimes I'd find something that was acceptable yet you could only wear it with a belt because for some reason while it fit in the thighs and hips the waist had an enormous gap in the back (Guess bigger bottom was needed?) But catering the denim to only one body type is insane...
So until one day I've tried a EU size 26 trousers. They were the softer kind but still I couldn't believe my luck. They were skinny too as at that point as I was also coming to a conclusion that any other type of pant/jeans isn't for me. (You have no idea how much I dislike flare/bell etc. etc.) So since then I started buying that size all the time (It is usually 4 in US) I guess I just had to discover the right fit or perhaps it's some sort of magic because before nothing worked! I also must mention that I usually don't wear jeans that don't have at least 1% of Spandex/Elastan in them as they always make my bottom look flat, because they don't stretch over it.
Now I do have more than one pair that fits great. Basically all of the jeans you see in my photos on Instagram are from Asos. From them it is fool proof 99% of the time. Even though I would prefer trying something first now that the percentage so high I don't worry, besides they have free returns.
If you are about size 26 and similar shape to me it's going to fit really tight at first, but remember jeans stretch out and mold to your shape but if they are larger it will only go up from there. One time an exception can be made if the material is really stark or the jeans aren't the stretchy type then perhaps the size up is needed. Let me know if you have any questions!

How is the weather were you reside? Where do you buy your jeans? What's your favorite style/fit?

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