Well that's a peculiar title for a post... But really despite a several lovely warmer days and frequent sunshine the temperatures lately remind me more of mid-fall rather then Spring and more so May! I'm not one of the people who can wear a t-shirt when it's +13 (56F). Yes, yes I am coldblooded... )

So the last weekend I wore this cool Boohoo sweater. I really liked the details and that it covers my back. The jeans are very unique with the black detail on the calf and they also fit like a glove!This leather jacket is my eternal friend too that goes with everything. And wearing something like this, so similar or in line with what I did lately I thought I'd discuss...

The cornerstones of style
Everyone has their own. This what makes you - you. Experiment when you haven't discovered them but when you do, do not give them up whatever's the trend. And I felt like this post was ideal to mention my preferences style and beauty wise. Since an outfit alike this has been my uniform of sorts lately.

  • I really should be more adventurous with make up but lately all I feel like is black cat liner and some neutral eye shadow. One thing you can always expect is a dark lip. ;)
  • I like bold brows but despise the overdone ones as well as piles of make-up
  • I never wear artificial nails, lashes or hair extensions. (I only dye my hair with Elumen)
  • I mostly wear my hair down, it's just feels more like me. It's more free.
  • I don't fake tan and reapply sunscreen throughout the day even if its cloudy
  • I wear sunglasses even if its cloudy as well
  • I prefer minimal accessories
  • I only wear skinny jeans
Summary: Pale, hair down, darkened clothes, cat eye, no artificial additives. :D

I haven't always been comfortable with choosing an outfit or how I looked in one. The best description I can come up with is - confused. I'd spend too much time mulling over the pieces, trying so many outfits... But I kept up my attempts... Sometimes it would end up with me feeling so uncomfortable or even worse unlike myself. Even now looking at some old outfits I really cringe... I also realized I was missing some key pieces from my wardrobe. And they are always a neutral color pant/jean and same palette top to go with everything else. (eg wearing black jeans and switching from grey to green etc top/sweater)
And then it just happened somewhere inside me something clicked. As if I have grown into myself. It had also occurred to me, a very obvious thing of course, the simpler the better. And what's even more important, it's wonderful to be inspired by someone but trying to wear their style identify as yours/copy them would not work.
Today I am more minimalistic and dark. Attracted to blacks, greys and greens. Sometimes red.
I do shop very differently too. Even if it's black piece that could go with everything I always try things on or online I shop at Asos because you can always safely return.

What defines you when it comes to style? Is there something, a certain style you would never attempt wearing?

Jumper: Boohoo (Similar here)
Bodysuit (underneath) Boohoo
Jeans: Asos (Other cool pair here)
Booties: Amazon
Rings: Rogue and Wolf
Leather jacket: Old
Lips: NYX Matte lip cream in 'Budapest' with ELF Lip lacquer in 'Burgundy'

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