WIP and Heather Grey

Me currently

It's been harder to write recently, it's not that I have nothing to say but I guess more challenging to get the words out. My mind's all over the place and everything is an emotional roller coaster... But creating is something I could never stop... Drawing, writing, taking photos... It's my safe harbor from stress and anxiety of everyday life... I will be keeping on, slowly for now...

The website

I've never been totally ok with Blogger, and if you've used it you know how totally distorted photos look if you upload them directly. (Not to mention it has been stalling and not allowing me to post and then re-loaded without saving everything so I am re-writing this article.) For that reason I have been using the third party hosting site to host photos. Until recently it has decided to charge an astronomical fee for doing that. (That is why my older posts are all full of this same, generic blurry image...) And so slow and glitch full blogger, terrible quality photos, other issues etc... I have finally decided to move to Word Press hosting! It all will happen really soon, I just need to gather some funds first. ;)
So this is the future of Lindenlied, I am and everything I do always is always a work in progress!

The best Birthday present

Four days after my Birthday in June me and a friend took a train to the picturesque location of Jones Beach to see Rammstein in concert. It was indeed the best present  I could imagine. No words to describe, it was simply unforgettable. I cannot wait for new material from the band... The lyrics Till's beautifully intriguing mind conjures...!
I have a couple of photograph's here if you'd like to see.

This look

This is really me. Casual, but can be dressed up, comfortable but has an edge. I got obsessed with this top and for it for a several days straight! I also really like Black&Grey combination. What do you think, would you wear?

PS I apologize some photos look somewhat pixelated and odd. I have used a different photo hosting site after a photobucket fiasco.

I am wearing:

Top/Bag/Sneakers - Asos

Skirt - Zara

Sandals - Enzo Angiolini
(via Amazon fashion)

Sunglasses  - MinkPink
(via Century 21 stores)

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